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WineStein Restaurant

WineStein will turn your restaurant staff into confidently competent wine advisors. Your guests use WineStein's digital menu (iPad or iPhone) to select the best wine with the dish of their choice. Or even the other way around: the best matching dish with their favourite pick from your wine list.

Wine and food always well paired

Which wines from your list pair best with your new menu? Or would the wine list require change as well? WineStein Restaurant guarantees up-to-date and tasteful wine and food pairings in your restaurant.

Increase wine sales through expert advice

In the restaurant business, not everyone will have the time or the expertise to provide professional wine advice. This will make you miss opportunities to sell wine. Wish to always have a sommelier's expertise at hand? WineStein Restaurant enables anyone to provide an expert wine advice. You can offer WineStein as kiosk module at the casher or as hand held device at the table. The latter also allows your guests to pick the best wine with a dish themselves. And WineStein also offers the unique service of finding the best matching dish from your menu with your guests' favorite wine.

Professional and easy

WineStein will lift your restaurant to a higher level. You can apply WineStein in various ways. Through iPad, iPhone or integrated into a digital menu. Not only will this facilitate advising, it will also make selection for and management of your wine list easier. WineStein will just as easily suggest the best wine pairings for your menu, allowing you to locate blind spots as well as better matches than the wines you are currently selling. This gives you full expertise at hand to come to optimum matches, and optimum service to your guests. WineStein is your digital sommelier, yet can also complement your restaurant's expertise, or act as sparring partner or back-up. Using WineStein will ensure a well varied, balanced wine list, resulting in more sales, either per bottle or per glass.


  • Always a sommelier at hand
  • Digital menu and wine list (iPad & iPhone)
  • Social media integration
  • Listing in WineStein GPS restaurant locator (400,000 users)
  • Advanced analysis & reports to optimise your wine list
  • More wine sales, higher customer satisfaction

WineStein at the dinner table

Your guests will use your digital menu & wine list (iPad and iPhone) to select the best wine & food pairings themselves. WineStein has joint ventures with several other producers of 'digital menus' as well. Connecting your restaurant to WineStein will make you become part of the 400,000 wine lovers network that are using WineStein's iPhone App every day and world wide. They will know where to find your restaurant, and will chose it to enjoy your professionally matched wines and dishes.