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WineStein for your business

Every professional is looking to give the best wine advice to his customers or guests, beit in a restaurant, on the internet or in your shop. WineStein only takes a mere few steps to provide you with the best food & wine pairings. WineStein offers you your own sommelier at hand, as a mobile app, as webmodule or info-kiosk at your shop's floor.

Your own sommelier online

WineStein's web module is thé flexible tool for your web shop. By linking your portfolio to our engine, we'll make the wines you sell ready to be paired by WineStein. We'll also link to your stock management, promotions and other special sales. Any mutation in your portfolio will be updated within 24 hours by means of a product feed. This makes WineStein easy to manage and will allow your customers to look for the best matching wine at any moment. Web modules can be made bespoke, matching your every wish as to look and feel.

FAQ on WineStein web module

How is my wine portfolio entered into WineStein?

How will WineStein remain up-to-date?

Can WineStein's look and feel be made to match my specific wishes?

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