WineStein is the first Artificially Intelligent Sommelier in the world.

  • Made for you, by Michelin starred chefs and top-level wine experts
  • Artificial intelligence, based on matching DNA for food and wine
  • 1.500.000 wines and countless dishes
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We sell "Taste"

WineStein was founded in the Netherlands by top wine experts and Michelin star chefs. It is our mission to make the world of wine and food understandable for everyone, everywhere.

How do we do this?

Together with scientists of the Nijmegen University, WineStein created the self learning algorithms that power our unique wine and food engine. Our pairing score indicates how well a wine will match a dish. A 100-score is the perfect match, any score from 60 on indicates a good match. WineStein will also advise matching dishes with specific wine(s), or advise wines based on taste preferences. Advanced techniques derived from artificial intelligence make WineStein a self-learning advisor, that we make into customised product applications for restaurants, supermarkets, shops, web shops and consumers.

What do we offer?

WineStein offer tailored application for restaurants, supermarkets, wine (web) shops and consumers.