Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy of WineWineWine B.V. In this policy we explain how we process personal data acquired through our website and/or app.

Collected data
In case you have an account for our website or app, we process the personal data you provided us with. We only process this data in order to render the agreed upon service and/or grant you a license to use certain functionality. We will never ask you to provide us with data which is not necessary.

We also record information you did not provided us with (for example the IP address you use) for the purpose of composing user statistics, as well as for the security of our website and/or app.

In some cases our functionality may use your location. We ensure you, that we only use and process your location for that certain function at that given moment. For example, a store locator. We will never store your location longer than strictly necessary.

Other use
We will not use your personal data for any other purposes than agreed upon. However, we may send you e-mails regarding (new versions of) our products and services. We will make sure that you are always able to opt out. In case you have opted out, we will not send you e-mails anymore.

Access to, and modifying your personal data. In case you are a registered user, we provide you with tools and account settings to access or modify the personal information you provided to us and associated with your account.

Third party login
We may use third party login services. The terms and conditions, and privacy policies of those third parties are applicable. We suggest you take notice of those terms and conditions, and privacy policies in case you use the login services of those third parties.

This privacy policy is subject to change. These changes are made public on this page.

In case you have questions regarding the privacy policy or regarding the processing of personal data, you can contact our the customer service at