Benefits of WineStein Restaurant:

  • Professional sommelier free of tunnel vision
  • Wine pairing with multiple dishes
  • Instant 20-35% increase in wine sales
  • Full digital menu and wine list
  • Guest usable at the dinner table
  • Or as back-up/training tool for your staff
  • Management reports and optimization advice
  • Background picture of your restaurant for personal touch
  • Option to separate lunch and dinner menu
  • Deactivate wines out of stock and seasonal dishes with one click

A full sommelier

WineStein’s advanced software calculates a taste profile of every dish on your menu and uses it to find the best wine matches. WineStein not only finds the best wines with your dishes, it will also find ‘blind spots’ on your wine list and advise you on further improvements that will make your wine list the optimum match with your menu. WineStein is both the perfect wine advisor for your guests and the perfect back-up and sparring partner for your staff.

Boost your wine sales

Independent market research by Trendbox shows that higher price is no consumer impediment for wines with added value. Wine that has a good story simply sells. WineStein Restaurant will always advise the best matching wine to your guests. Furthermore, WineStein will add information on origin, grape varieties, serving temperature and optimum glass type. This will increase customer experience but als your wine sales: you will sell as much as 20-35% more wine; and who wouldn’t want that?

Flexible use

You can deploy WineStein in various ways in your restaurant. It makes a digital wine-coach for your staff, allowing them expert pairing advice at the blink of an eye. As digital tablet-sommelier it will make your guests choose the best wine with their dish themselves. Or the reverse: WineStein will also select the best dish with your guest’s favorite wine. This means the best wine and food pairing, always. WineStein Restaurant will make advising wine more simple, faster and more professional.